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 WarRock (2009/ENG)

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MesajKonu: WarRock (2009/ENG)   Paz Ocak 03, 2010 12:59 pm

WarRock (2009/ENG)

Title: Varrok / WarRock
Year: Nov 2009
Genre: Action / FPS
Developer: Dream Execution Technology
Publisher: Dream Execution
Language (localizer): English

On the game:
Warrock is a modern networked first-person shooter. His vision and graphics, the game is very similar to Battlefield 2. In Warrock present a huge selection of weapons and equipment. You can control tanks, armored cars ride, rides his bike, fly helicopters and sail boats. In addition, the game is a system of its own character: earning points at the expense of enemies killed and assignments, you can buy a more powerful and sophisticated weapons. 20 species available technology (tank, Humvee, truck, armored vehicles, motorcycle, 3x Single Tank, Stationary machine guns, ships, planes and other joy). At the moment the game is actively developed and every week something is added. The choice of the player is given a 5 character classes: engineer (a specialist in repairing equipment), medical (doctor), patrol (sniper), assault (attack) and antitank (heavy artileriya). All the weapons for each class different, and in the future, the player himself will choose which weapons to take a round, the weapon can be bought in a store on the money earned during the battle. The game also features quite a lot of locations and servers.

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WarRock (2009/ENG)
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